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Dougherty County Greenway and Recreational Trails Master Plan 2016

Project Purpose: This Master Plan, when completed, will provide a comprehensive, unified strategy to increase use of existing and planned recreational facilities by proposing transportation linkages between trails, facilities and additional amenities. About 1,560 acres of publicly-owned property along both banks of the Flint River provide opportunities for different types of facilities to serve many citizen interests. Multi-use paths, public gardens, open passive parks, water trails, wildlife and river observation, mountain bike and water trails and other uses all have a place in this greenbelt, brought into public ownership during the past 20 years.

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Project Area Maps

Flint Basin’s Changing Faces (1mb)

Historic Dixie Highway Corridor Management Plan (9mb)

Tift Park National Register Summary (1mb)

East Doublegate Drive and Weymouth Drive Traffic Study

Environmental Assessment
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Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

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