Regional Freight Profile

Study Background

The Dougherty Area Regional Transportation Study (DARTS) is developing a Regional Freight Profile to ensure consistency with federal freight planning guidelines and to better position DARTS to implement freight improvements. The locally-driven planning process is focused on gaining consensus on freight priorities to promote regional economic competitiveness. The plan will address roadway, rail, and air cargo movement in the DARTS study area including the City of Albany, Dougherty County and the southern part of Lee County. 

Study Work Scope and Schedule

A Freight Advisory Committee (FAC) consisting of local and state transportation planning and economic development agencies plus public and private freight operators will guide the study team throughout the development of the Regional Freight Profile.  Both quantitative data related to current and projected freight movement and qualitative input from local government and private system users will be gathered and analyzed. The FAC will participate in a survey, interviews, and a workshop to review the draft plan.  The workshop, to be held during early summer, will be open for the community to attend and offer input into the recommendations for improvements to the DARTS roadway, rail, and air cargo network. The completed Regional Freight Profile and Action Plan is anticipated to be approved and adopted by DARTS in August 2022.


For Additional Information:

DARTS Project Manager, Tanner Anderson, City of Albany Planning And Development Services

E-mail: TaAnderson@albanyga.gov;  Phone: 229-302-1843